MRE, the Maritime Republic of Eastport, is an enlightened democracy based in the Eastport neighborhood of Annapolis, Maryland, has become a force in the community since its founding on Super Bowl Sunday 1998. Doing good for the community and having fun at the same time – “fun with a purpose,” is our mission, albeit with a quirky and sometime bizarre way of carrying it out.

Next Up
Tuesday, March 21 - MRE General Meeting & Elections

Saturday, April 22 - The MRE's Ambassador's (Other) Ball

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Tug of War XIX Final Score
Annapolis 5, Eastport 3

We came. We tugged. We danced. We had a great time. We made lots of money for charity.
It was a beautiful day.



 Military Service Members Navy - winner
  Eastport Firefighters - winner PG County Firefighters
4th Street Bars & Lewnes' Steakhouse - winner Annapolis Restaurants & Bars
Eastport Yacht Club Jamie Costello & Crew - winner
Dome Chartering & Trading - winner Annapolis Elementary PTA
Eastport Women Annapolis Women - winner
Annapolis Athletics 24 Hour Fitness & Premier Fitness - winner
Women Against Domestic Violence Women Against Domestic Violence YMCA - winner

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