Tug of War XX is coming, Saturday, November 4, 2017

Up The Republic !

Don't miss the march on City Hall to declare war!

(Tug of war, that is!) Meet at Federal House at 5pm on Monday Oct 23rd.

About the MRE

MRE, the Maritime Republic of Eastport, is an enlightened democracy based in the Eastport neighborhood of Annapolis, Maryland, has become a force in the community since its founding on Super Bowl Sunday 1998. Doing good for the community and having fun at the same time – “fun with a purpose,” is our mission, albeit with a quirky and sometime bizarre way of carrying it out.

Details coming soon. In the meantime, here is some handy information

  • Sponsor Packet
  • Injury & Damage Waiver (must be signed by every tugger)

  • Food Vendor Registration

    Thanks for the overwhelming response! Food vendors are fully booked! See you there!

  • Non-Food Vendor Registration

    Thanks for the overwhelming response! Non-Food Vendors are also fully booked! See you there!

Tug of War XIX Final Score
Annapolis 5, Eastport 3

We came. We tugged. We danced. We had a great time. We made lots of money for charity. It was a beautiful day.


Military Service Members
Eastport Firefighters - winner
4th Street Bars & Lewnes' Steakhouse - winner
Eastport Yacht Club
Dome Chartering & Trading - winner
Eastport Women
Annapolis Athletics
Women Against Domestic Violence


Navy - winner
PG County Firefighters
Annapolis Restaurants & Bars
Jamie Costello & Crew - winner
Annapolis Elementary PTA
Annapolis Women - winner
24 Hour Fitness & Premier Fitness - winner
Women Against Domestic Violence YMCA - winner


Thank you to our sponsors!

for more information,contact us