Governing Body

2016 Officers

Premier Brett Cureton
Vice Premier Patti Slaughter
Secretary of State Garret Kuge
Quarter Master Dana Forney
Minister of Finance Dick Peterson
Minister of Benevolence Dee Wagner
Minister of War Steph Moore
Minister of Propaganda Steph Moore
Ambassador to Cyberspace Elvia Thompson

Revolutionary Council
Rod Stokes    Denise (Nisey) Mileski
John (The Captain) Morgan     Andy (Kingfish) Terry
Mark (The Trav) Travaglini     Dana (The Saint) Travagllini
Bo Moore     Don Townsend     Elvia Thompson     Tom Cagle
Margie Magill     Elaine Kahn     Wade Clevenger
Bob Leichtman     Donna Brooks

Current Postings
Foreign Minister - Cap’n John Morgan

Resident Greybeards (Wisdom-Dispensers)
Chris Kellogg     Sam Shropshire a/k/a Jeff Collins
Cindy Fletcher-Holden     Josh Cohen     Kevin Brooks
 Jeff Holland

Legacy Positions
Admiral of the Navy - The late Bob Slaff
(We miss you, Bob)
Seal Team XO & Ambassador to the Florida Keys
- George Dowling
Minister of Athletics - Andy Terry
Attorney General - Rick Kennedy
Minister of Mixology - Dick Peterson
Ambassador to the U.N. - The late Joggin Joe Shafran
(We miss you, Joe)



Historical Rabble Rousers
Josh Cohen   Mike Raab   Lew Woodward
Lance Curran    Tim Kennedy