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Miscellaneous Pics from Our Glorious History

Former Premier Mark Travaglini & First Lady Dana say you don't have to go as far as Molokai
to see MRE nuts mixing it up with the locals.

dana and mark in molokai

MRE Ambassador's (Other) Ball & Mardi Gras Echo on Saturday, March 8, was a blast!

budweiser dave  dancers  kelly

Zydeco music by Little Red & The Renegades + Grandsons was the best ever.

And we raised $$ for a good cause!

See Photos, including the ones above, by Beth Rado - click here and then "view as slideshow"

More photos by Elvia Thompson

And best of all, we raised money for Annapolis Musicians Funding Musicians!



the mre submarine

MRE patrolled the Gulf of Eastport with its very own submarine during AYC's Build-A-Boat Challenge on June 24, thanks to Wacky Generalissimo Mike Raab and his crew. More details and photos to come. Stay tuned.

Run across the bridge 2007

Dog Day Afternoon 2007

them eastport oyster boys

Them Eastport Oyster Boys in the studio to record the Eastport Shuffle, April 14, 1998.

mre commando team

Unidentified members of MRE's Crack Commando Team Zulu "borrowing" the Annapolis Flag from Annapolis City Hall and replacing it with an MRE flag on November 13, 1998, the night before the first Tug of War. L. to R.: George X, Chris X, and Mike X.

commandos with annapolis flag

Unidentified members of MRE's Crack Commando Team Zulu celebrating a successful borrowing of the Annapolis Flag.